What love and friendship can do!

LUDOVIK is now 11 years old, thanks to the generosity of many people who have given me their precious time. Without these thousands of hours offered by indispensable people boutique LUDOVIK would not be what it is. THANK YOU mom and dad, Guy, Louis, Francine, Amélie, Isabelle and many others.

The story:

Summer 2005, after leaving my job, I wondered what I would do when I would “grow up”. The choice was simple, open a boutique and offer people what I would have liked to be offered, beautiful, quality and affordable design accessories and furniture. To do this, I asked my friend Guy Viens, an excellent designer from Atelier Auguste, to help me with this wonderful project. He was present as a consultant from the very first minutes of planning. Even today I can count on him anytime. A big THANK YOU Guy!

A year later, after months of planning, LUDOVIK was born. On September 12, 2006, LUDOVIK opened its doors to its first customers on de la Montagne street. Interestingly enough, my first two clients, Louis D. and Louis T., whom I did not know at the time, became friends afterwards. Even more impressive, Louis D., now retired, is regularly at the store to offer his help to enhance the look of the space and do much more and this for several years. A big THANK YOU Louis!

Eleven years means thousands of boxes to open, demanding a lot of time. Mom and dad unpacked loads of boxes and prepared so many meals, allowing me to find the necessary energy to continue, and they still do it, again and again. A big THANK YOU mom and dad, I love you!

Why did I choose Griffintown? Because it was an easily accessible place, near downtown, near the south shore, near Old Montreal… Our search brought us to a beautiful 2,000 sq. ft. space on the corner of Ottawa and Mountain streets. Six years later, LUDOVIK was moving to its current address on Notre-Dame W. 400 sq. ft. In 2006, we had no idea what was going to happen in this neighbourhood. It was only after a few months of operation that we learned that there was a big project for the area. Griffintown, the design district, is now the place of choice. LUDOVIK, a local business, is a pioneer of eclectic contemporary design in Griffintown and Montreal.

Why did I choose LUDOVIK for the boutique name? Simply because I wanted to personalize the boutique, and it’s sexier to say “I’m going to LUDOVIK” or “I bought it at LUDOVIK” than giving a colder name without attachment. I wanted every visit to LUDOVIK to be as pleasant as going to a friend’s house. I think we have succeeded!  !

If you have not already done so, I invite you to come see us at the boutique or to browse our site to discover what makes us melt.

Benoit Lacas